The Carpetier™ Story

High quality carpets are so difficult to shop for in Singapore, and believe us, we know! It all started when our founders Shaun and Cas were shopping locally for new carpets to liven up their homes, but they were faced with a multitude of challenges - exorbitant prices, long delivery lead times, limited designs and the lack of customer service. To them, they saw this as an opportunity to provide value to homeowners in Singapore, and that is to do the exact opposite - to start a carpet company that offers reasonable prices, short delivery lead times, limitless designs and a strong customer service. 

With Shaun’s experience in global sourcing and e-commerce, coupled with Cas’ passion in design and customer experience, they plan to make a difference in the local carpet marketplace. 

A simple but genuine story, and that was how The Carpetier™ was formed.

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